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Playing with the new softbox

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Recently I was able to get a softbox for my Vivitar 285HV, and I played with it a bit tonight. I’m so impressed with the light it gives, and am anxious to get it out of the studio and into an outdoor shooting setup. I have a ton to learn about feathering, balancing a rim light, countering light, and so much more, but that’s one of the great things about digital: you can shoot and shoot and shoot to learn!

I’ve got an image in my mind of a particular series of pictures I want to do for canvas printing, and I’m really getting close to where I would like it to be.

Here are some from tonight:



I will say that the consistency out of the 285HV seems to be a bit lacking. I saw variances of about 1/2 a stop if I fired off too quickly. It could have been low batteries (they were low), but it’s not a high-performance flash and I never expected it to be. Regardless, I don’t anticipate outgrowing it any time soon – it gives light 100% of the time (thank you, CyberSyncs!), and right now I can easily manage a half-stop variance.