July is almost gone

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It really seems like we were watching fireworks just the other night, and now July is almost over. We’ve stayed busy, and have really been trying to get out and enjoy the outdoors and each other as a family. We made it to Seaside early this month just for a day, and the hot weather here was completely reversed out there (of course!). We have only ever been to the coast once or twice in ten years when it was warm enough not to have to wear long pants and a hoodie. We ate too much taffy and snacked on too many pistachios on the way home, but we sure did have a lot of fun.




We were able to reconnect with some old “Beaverton” friends from long ago this month, and as a side benefit we learned about the Salmon Creek Trail and how great it is for kids with bikes. So we loaded up the truck with bikes, a scooter, and a stroller, and enjoyed a five mile walk up the trail and back with the kids (and wow were they wiped out after that!).





I also had the privilege of helping out shooting two weddings this month, and despite my bad shoes at the first one and the heat at the second, had an unbelievably good time. I hope to post some pictures from both weddings on my business site soon, after I work out the permissions with Amy.

And just last night we took a little balsa glider and a Nerf football and visited Orchard Park. And what a fun time we had! Isaiah has an amazing arm, and Jeremiah was fully engaged running around in bare feet chasing a soccer ball. Timothy, Lindsey, and I took turns launching the plane, and Tami played catch with Isaiah. I’ve got to say that it sure is fun to tickle-tackle the kids when they catch (or not!) a football!

It’s been a good month to reflect on God’s incredible grace and goodness, and to enjoy some great time together as a family.

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Enjoyed reading this. Love the pictures -saw those trail ones when first posted on Facebook and was “wow”. There’s a golden glow to them. Site colors really perfect for them. Very nice site.

July 26th, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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