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Wow, I’m finding the perfect “Christmas picture” of the kids this year to be incredibly evasive. They’re doing quite well, considering, and I’m learning patience far more quickly than I might have liked.

Tami and I decided we wanted to do some pretty special cards this year, since I waffled and missed doing baby announcements for Jeremiah. So I’ve been trying some new equipment to capture the perfect family picture. And other than patience, the big thing I’ve learned is the importance of knowing how to take a picture with the mindset that the extra equipment is supposed to be there to aide, not to drive the shot.

No matter how nice the kids look, without creativity I’ll end up with another session of WalMart-looking pictures. Grrr.


Christmas Pictures, take one

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Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. We finally start thinking about Christmas pictures before December 27th, and, well, this about sums it up:




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Yeah, I know the headshots are getting old. I don’t know why, but for some reason the thought of using the 18-55 hadn’t occurred to me, so the 50mm in my shooting room pretty much guarantees nothing more than headshots. I may try the kit lens, since I’ve been up around f8.0.







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This is not a political blog, and I hope it never becomes one. But as America votes, I have a bit of anxiousness. I have no doubt that the outcome of today’s election will be no surprise to God, and in fact will be exactly according to his purpose, plans, and desires.

I occasionally read articles from left-leaning folks. One in particular makes me cringe, probably because I know the guy, and know his complete hatred of all things Christian and conservative. My anxiousness (not eager anxiousness, but uneasy anxiousness) is centered around a knowledge that unrighteousness will not ultimately go without punishment. I know he won’t be too excited about that. It’s like the quote I saw the other day attributing a horrendous name to God. The fact that we can dare to actively raise our fist in God’s face and not be immediately blasted to bits indicates incredible mercy, not absence of a diety.

Regardless of what we face on Wednesday morning, our mission as Christians remains the same. Our mission is not dependent on the current view of the Constitution, whether the public schools teach intelligent design, how much we pay in taxes, or the price of gas. These are all temporary, passing things. Sure they affect our approach to our mission, but nothing can affect the mission itself.