Where did it go?

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Man, the last few weeks of 2007 disappeared a bit faster than expected. We’ve had a full few weeks with vacation (alas, no travels, but separation from work for a week or two), Christmas, a birthday, New Year’s and all things in between.

We’re one month away from massive changes, Lord willing, and are thankful for the health and rest that Tami has enjoyed. The rest is now becoming more scarce as the uber-uncomfortable stage rolls in. We’re looking forward to both Tami’s mom and sister coming next month, and not quite sure how hectic things will be for how long.

We still have not completed our Christmas picture cards, and have already decided to call them New Year’s cards instead. Maybe they’ll be Easter cards. Grrr. I just have to schedule a slot with our family photographers. If you haven’t been keeping track of the lower-quality snapshots we get around here, be sure to check out our Flickr pics.

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