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Tami and I recently listened to Pat Abendroth’s message titled “The Horrific Anticipation of Calvary,” from his ongoing series on Matthew. It has been months since a message has touched me as this one did.

First, the passage is from “the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Matthew” (Matthew 26:36-46) and is therefore about Christ, not about the disciples and their failure to watch and pray, or about how we can handle difficult times in our life. “It’s about Him“. Additionally, “The Bible is not a book of morals. It’s not the Book of Christian Virtues.”

I can’t do justice to the message, and highly recommend that you take the time to listen to it. As the title of the message indicates, considerable time is devoted to explaining Christ’s anticipation of the crucifixion, and how foolish or dangerous it can be for us to think this dread was related at all to the physical aspect of his approaching death, his betrayal by Judas, or the disciples abandonment of him.

Christ was in unimaginable agony over the anticipation of the “undiluted, unrestrained, full, intense wrath of a righteous, perfect, holy God. …The consuming wrath of God almighty, who has all the power at his fingertips; the God who speaks and things are made is going to pour out his just wrath on his son, it will be the most severe thing to ever, ever, ever happen. …God is judging his son as if he committed all the sins that I ever committed.”

Abendroth points out that we individually deserve the undiluted wrath of God for eternity. Jesus essentially “compressed” the eternity of my Hell, my deserved undiluted wrath of God, and that of all believers, into the relatively short time he was on the cross.

How great and amazing God is!

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