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Dad started us out on a Commadore 64 around the time I was in seventh grade. I remember the awe of seeing that machine and what it could do with Logo and Basic. Dad set the standard for me with his direct assembly-level programming on that machine, and I began writing simple Basic programs. I think he let me take that machine for my first year of college, with a small monochrome green-screen display.

Later in college it was the old amber 8088 that the school provided, then the Amiga 500 Dad bought, and finally the powerful Intel-based 386 I had when I graduated with degree in hardware design. I don’t recall the machines we had after Tami and I got married, but I do know there has always been a computer in the house. I eventually changed my career focus from hardware to software, and even now continue as a software developer.

I built a number of machines over the years, with the latest being a Windows-based PC about four years ago. I have used that system ever since, upgrading drives, memory, and display over time. And I finally decided that upgrading piecemeal would no longer work. I needed a new system.

And resources and opportunity met, and I bought an iMac. I should preface that with the confession that I recently bought Tami her own iMac a few months ago. It’s an older iMac G4, but even in the poor condition from which I resurrected it, it appears to be an excellent machine. It needs some software updates, which are on the way (right, JS?), but allows her to easily peruse email, music, web sites, and photos.

So that planted the seed that maybe the dark side was not all that dark. And then I started really hearing from a couple of “swichers,” and started comparing PC and Mac. And the final straw was the fact that I could run Windows XP natively simultaneously with OS X on the new Intel-based Macs, allowing me to continue pursuing MS-based software development while jumping into the great features of OS X.

I’ve already rambled on long enough in this post, and will address some reasoning later on, but I have not regretted the decision. It hasn’t been a flawless conversion, and I’m not even fully converted yet, but I am not getting rid of this new machine any time soon.

(My new iMac is the aluminum G5, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with a 20″ widescreen, 1G RAM with two more gigs arriving shortly.)