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The Implications of Grace

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Here are some quotes from a message preached by Byron Yawn while visiting Omaha Bible Church recently. Erik Raymond (the Irish Calvinist) posted a link to this message.

“If we ever think that our best is what maintains our relationship with God, that bears great offense in the mind of God, because Christ came to save us from our own work.”

“We have to get over trying to pay Jesus back for what he did on the cross.” (quoting Erik Raymond)

“We think that when we are at our moral best, that God is applauding us, congratulating us for finally getting our lives straight. That is not the case.”

“Nothing you do can affect your standing before God.”

You can download the MP3 here. Thank you, Erik and OBC, for making this available.


Around the Web

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Below are links to a few articles I have recently read that focus on critically important topics, and ones that are seldom addressed fully and biblically.

Sister, Show Mercy! — Dan Phillips sticks “his finger in the fan, up to his elbow” on this one. Thanks, Dan.

On Denominations — Dan Phillips (again!) does an excellent job on the topic of denominations. You have to love this one, with words such as “Epiptopresbymethobaptopalian” and “Calvidispiebaptogelical.”

The “Sinner’s Prayer” in evangelism — The Irish Calvinist addresses a question about the absence of the “Sinner’s Prayer” in the literature he uses while evangelizing.