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Reading cramps

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I sit in front of a computer a lot. And it really isn’t because I love computers all that much — I do not. But I do love to search out information, create, and think. And I can do all three of those at the same time on a computer.

And the tough thing is that, as far as I can tell, the majority of the non-directed time I spend not working on a video (Sony Vegas MS) or a web site (MT or Photoshop) or programming (PHP, learning a new language) is spent on useful things, not time-wasters like the Flash game sites or PC games or YouTube. At least 95% of my non-directed computer time is devoted to blog/RSS-reading, Amazon (reviews), and Wikipedia (Michael from The Office states convincingly: “Wikipedia… is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information.”). I read this week about solar cooking and paper construction (Timothy has been fervently cutting and folding paper toys).

Last Wednesday night, when I should have been in bed reading, I was reading through a comment thread I found linked from TeamPyro. I was standing, with one knee in my chair, and I did not move for almost an hour while I read. And I even skipped a lot of the comments.

I can seldom read Tim Challies, Albert Mohler, TeamPyro, Theologica, or Tribalogue for fewer than 10 minutes each. I get behind on their RSS feeds and always find myself having to catch up. And these are good blogs. They make me think deeper about doctrine, faith, evangelism, and so many other topics, and result in an emphasis in my understanding of the importance of reading my Bible.

So the cramps are both physical and mental. But they are quite real, and often painful. And I have little desire to “correct” these habits.

And this is why I so much enjoy grabbing a book and sitting on the couch next to Tami, with a cup of hot coffee and no noise. But that leads to the fully related but separate topic of “life simplification,” and that deserves another post at another time.


Things heard

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Here are some of the things recently heard from the mouths of our children.

Timothy“He’s kinda cute when he cries.” Timothy, speaking of Isaiah.
Lindsey“It’s a little bit chunky.” Lindsey, offering a critique of the first batch of pudding she ever made all by herself.
Isaiah“Gee gee!” Isaiah, running to Grammy when she stopped by the other day.


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About six months ago, our eight year old Hi-8 camcorder finally died. I have been working to get the Hi-8 tapes cut to DVDs, which is a long process involving lots of cables, hard drive space, and patience. But it sure is a lot of fun!

Two months ago our digital point-and-shoot camera died, at only three years old. Frustrating, but it does provide a bit more push for me to move to a digital SLR within the next year or so.

Yesterday we received our new camcorder. It is a Panasonic PV-GS320 MiniDV camera. I hope to do a post later that explains some of my reasoning for selecting this specific camera, and references to many of the sites that influenced my decision.

The manual is a prime example of how not to document a product. But the camera… wow. Somehow now that we own one it sure seems a lot smaller than I remember handling in the stores. But it is simple and very easy to use, and the little video I have captured so far seems outstanding. I have a lot more playing to do with workflow for backups and productions, but the ease and convenience of getting video from the camera to the computer is outstanding.

More to come later!