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Utilikilts — “We Sell Freedom”

If this is real, it sure is fast.

Amazing images and video of the sun. What an awesome Creator we have!


Hearing the voice of God

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Tim Challies linked to this Piper post two days in a row. It really is a “must read.”


Family time

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I just read Al Mohler’s column on Family Time vs. Church Time

According to the article Mohler references, families are increasingly choosing non-church activities over church activities when presented with the need to choose. This is likely more often the result of misplaced priorities (selecting “the world” before “Christ”), but it would be easy to assume this is always the case. I would suspect that Pop Warner has more spiritual impact than the teaching at a lot of today’s churches.

Be sure to read the entire article, or you could miss this:

When “church time” is seen as a competitor to “family time,” something is wrong at church. When family members hardly see each other at church activities, the congregation needs to take a quick inventory of its concept of ministry.

And if you make it all the way through the article, you would have seen the discussion of a Pastor’s life.

I had no idea the amount of criticism that senior pastors continually get. It just never ends. No matter what decision you make, you’ll always have somebody on the other side. That’s really hard for spouses, just to see the person that they love continually under criticism.

It is a great reminder to pray for your pastor and his family.



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I was blessed to have been allowed to participate in a class this past weekend that introduced a method of Bible study known as arcing. Living Water Church was unbelievably generous in making such an opportunity available, and Tom Stellar and Jason Abell were incredibly gracious and kind to devote a weekend to teaching the small group of about 60 people.

It is frustrating that there is not more time and effort in our churches to devoted to teaching Christians how to study the Bible, whether the method is arcing, word study, inductive study, or any other method. We have strayed far from the “striving” and “treasuring” attitudes that we should have toward Scripture — It is God’s chosen method of revealing His mind and will to us!! As Piper says in the study book we used, “…if God humbled himself to take on human flesh and to speak human language, woe to us if we arrogantly presume to ignore the humanity of Christ and the grammar of Scripture.”

As is commonly the case with John Piper’s material, the booklet that very (very!) briefly explains the basic mechanical aspects of arcing is available at no charge.