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Caught by technology (and re-dial)

   Posted by: Mark    in General

I picked up a new cell phone for Tami the other day. She was eligible for a credit toward a new phone from Verizon because we have been with them for more than two years, so I used that and got one that has bluetooth capability, and grabbed a wireless headset to go with it.

So we were on a date last night, sans kids (oh, the quietness!). When we sat down in the restaurant I remembered that I needed to call my sister about some plans for this weekend, and I asked Tami if I could borrow her new phone.

Shortly thereafter, Tami was asking how to set up the headset to work with the phone, and we hooked them up together while waiting for our food. She then put everything back into her purse, and we enjoyed talking and eating for the next hour.

A short time after we finished eating, my sister called, and Tami answered the phone. No sound. “Hello? Hello?” Nothing. Then we realized that the headset was still connected, and we needed to use it to talk. My sister patiently stayed on the line, and Tami finally got the headset on. And then my sister told her what was going on: apparently the “redial” button on the headset in Tami’s purse kept activating, and had dialed the last dialed number (my sister’s) numerous times throughout dinner! So she got to listen in on our conversation, and enjoyed more interruptions of her evening than even a telemarketer could provide!

Sorry, Amy. Your techno-goober brother is down 0-1 to technology…