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Playgrounds, Mosquitos, non-stop elevators

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Fun: We have been to a number of playgrounds that use this new equipment. Very fun stuff!

Huh?: It seems that kids are taking advantage of the fact that our high-pitch hearing decreases as we get older. Here is the ringtone, and here is the NYTimes article about the source and uses.

Fast life: Apparently there is a button combination that makes an elevator rocket non-stop to the floor of your choosing.


Parents, be careful

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Yesterday morning I caught some comments about an interview that had just taken place on 860AM. Bob Miller had spoken with someone regarding an article in the New York Times about pedophilia, and was very adamant about getting folks to read the articles. I read them both, and indeed, the material is downright chilling. There is a lot of information that causes concern in the two-part series, but this statement struck me:

Pointers on ways to get close to children were frequent topics [on pedophilia discussion boards]. One man posted an Internet “help wanted” advertisement from a single mother seeking an overnight baby sitter for her 4-year-old daughter; another recommended shopping at weekend estate sales, since plenty of bored minors showed up accompanying inattentive parents. (emphasis added)

NYT article, Part 1
NYT article, Part 2


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“Christ did not die for any upon condition, if they do believe, but he died for all God’s elect, that they should believe.”

John Owen


Real estate information

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Just read an article tonight that referenced this site:

Is that cool, or what?

I have been relatively busy lately revamping the site. This current site is only about half of what we have online, with our pictures at another address. And the style you see here is the “out of the box” style for Movable Type. Embarrassing to say the least.

Tagged: And that is the full reason I have not yet replied to PlasticMind’s tagging of me yet. It is coming soon, Jesse, I promise!

Ouch: Another great post from Tim.

Slap guitar
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Comparisons: Ingrid provides an interesting comparison between two churches she recently visited. Church 1 and Church 2.


Happy 10th!

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Hey sis — happy anniversary!

What a party!

That's not dancing, is it?