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How to get my money

   Posted by: Mark    in General

1. If I walk into your store, there is at least a slim chance that I might buy something. Pretend I really am there to buy something. Make eye contact with me. Pretend you are glad to see me, and want to help, even if you are a sales manager and know one of your sales reps will actually be helping me.

2. If I tell you I am looking for a reason not to go to a competitor, give me one or tell me you have none.

3. If you are a sales manager and are letting your rep handle the potential sale, do not leave and immediately call your manager to laugh at the customer who just walked into your store and asked for a reason not to go to a competitor.

4. If you are the sales manager’s manager, do not call the sales rep who is working with me and mockingly pretend you are a customer “looking for a reason not to go to [competitor].”

5. If you are a sales rep working with me, do not answer the phone unless you know it is God or the President. If you do feel the need to answer the phone, at least say “Please excuse me for a moment.”

6. If I decide not to purchase anything because I want to check the competitor anyway, do not whine. Say something like “here is my card, I would love to discuss their prices to see if we can do better.”