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New Playground

   Posted by: Mark    in General

Most Grampie very generously purchased a new playground for the kids this weekend. He has been wanting to do this for over a year now, and we finally had the back yard to a point that allowed us to add it. Thank you, Most Grampie!

Grampy helped Saturday, and we got most of it completed. I finished the rest last night, and should be able to post pictures soon. It has already seen plenty of use, by our kids and many of the neighbor’s kids.

I must say that Sunray (Rainbow) sure has their act together. I had no missing parts, and the instructions and DVD were clear and useful. Once we figured out the organization of the parts, things went pretty smoothly.



   Posted by: Mark    in Pensiveness

We do not understand our fallen state. In fact, we cannot understand it.

Our sin is of such grave offence to God’s holiness that it is beyond the ability of our finite, fallen minds to comprehend.

Here is a stunning thought: eternal Hell is the only just punishment for us. Eternal Hell. Eternal flame. Eternal separation from God. Eternal torment. This is a just punishment for our sin. God could simply destroy the unrepentant sinner, but that is apparently not sufficient punishment. In meditating on that thought for a few moments, we may barely catch the smallest glimpse of how seriously God takes sin.

It is one thing to think, casually or not, that we really even begin to understand that God had to send Christ if we were to have any hope. It is fully another thing to think that Christ’s death changed God’s attitude toward sin. He sees sin the same today as He did when Christ hung on the cross, and He had to turn His back on the One who became sin for us. He turned His back on His own Son, with whom He existed in perfect harmony in “eternity past.”

And to think that He offers His grace so freely. How can we suggest that we have any part in salvation? How can we think we can do a single thing to appease a holy and righteous God?