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I picked up a game tonight on the way home from the office. It is a game that I found a month or two ago, and I finally found it in stock at Bridgeport Games in Portland.

It is called Treehouse, and is really just a collection of 15 plastic pyramids in five colored sets of three different sizes each. What intrigued me about this “game” was the simplicity of the pieces, and the abundance of different games that can be played with this set.

Tami and I played a few rounds of Treehouse tonight, and it was interesting. We picked up on the rules quickly, and had a good time. It is likely that the good time was more based on sitting across from each other and talking in a relatively quiet house, but the game was still fun. And if 15 plastic pyramids can help with that, get me another set!

Here are some other sites that list information about different games that can be played with these Treehouse pieces:
Wunderland Webzine
Wikipedia’s Icehouse page


The Bible was not written to you

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This is an excellent post by Lingamish. You ought to read the entire post, but I have included his conclusion below.

God has preserved these messages over many centuries and brought it into your language. It is worth the trouble to understand his message on his terms. Its not a grab bag of moralisms, sound bites or bumper-sticker sayings. The Bible means something but not necessarily what you think it does. The truth is there, but truth taken out of context is destroyed or can be turned into a lie. Read it in the original packaging. Usually that means reading an entire letter, or an entire discourse, or a major section of a book. Read it and read it again. Ask questions about the text. Who wrote it to whom? What is the occasion of the letter? Is the message of this text universal or was it addressing a specific person or situation? If it was written to a specific person or situation, is there an indirect application of this truth for your life?


More pictures

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Here are some recent pictures.
Boy in the hood
You must be kidding
T at a park
Lindsey in headphones


First Easter

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Isaiahs first EasterHere is a picture of Isaiah on his first Easter. We spent the day at Dad and Mom’s, and enjoyed a wonderful meal with Grandpa, my sister and her family, and Dad and Mom.

This was also the first Easter we spent with Paul and Amy and the kids!

Thank you, Dad, for the great pictures.