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“I don’t know about that. You see, Aslan didn’t tell Pole what would happen. He only told her what to do. That fellow will be the death of us once he’s up, I shouldn’t wonder. But that doesn’t let us off following the sign.”

Puddleglum, replying to Eustace Scrubb’s question about whether everything will turn out right if they follow Aslan’s fourth sign and untie the crazed prince (The Silver Chair, p175)


Forget I said that…

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Tonight I took the kids out to pick up a few things for Tami for tomorrow. In an effort to make it extra-fun for the kids, we got some ice cream on the way. And as if that was not enough, they got a bite of chocolate at See’s as well.

So when we got home, Timothy told Mommy about his treats. “We got ice cream, and we got …” I was behind Tami waving my arms and shaking my head “no!” as he plowed into the second half of his statement: “… some chocolate!”

Then he saw me, and his eyes suddenly got big. He paused, thinking, and looked back at Tami and said “No, just I got some chocolate. Just don’t look in the closet, because we didn’t get you any chocolate.”

I suppose I should be thankful that he is so terrible at “bending the truth” a bit.

If it is not bad enough that the green Left pursues the myth of global warming, now a list of “evangelicals” is jumping on the bandwagon under the guise of loving neighbors and to being stewards of God’s creation. If there was any question as to the legitimacy of global warming concerns, this should provide the final nail in this coffin.

These people disgust me — every venue becomes an opportunity to bash Bush.

The issue of Christians attempting to “right the wrongs” of society is an interesting discussion topic. James Spurgeon expounds on the proper role of Christians in society at TeamPyro. There is no surprise when a fish swims or a bird flies. That being said, I still sent GoDaddy an email regarding the smut they called a commercial during the Super Bowl.

And I cannot express my relief over the fact that Islam is a religion of peace! Can you even begin to imagine the outrage and violence that would occur over these silly cartoons if these guys were militant and violent?

Finally, thank God yet again for the incredible, unspeakable, un-knowable grace He has extended to those of us who have trusted Christ. And thank you Sojourner for the reminder.


The tooth fairy is an idiot

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Lindsey lost her second tooth yesterday at school. Boy, was she excited! They gave her this little plastic tooth case keychain to hold the tooth until she got home. And as she went to bed last night, she placed the tooth under her pillow, just as she did with her first tooth, with visions of a stack of quarters in its place in the morning.

And the tooth fairy did not come. Granted, it took us about five minutes to find the tooth this morning. The search was accompanied by comments from Lindsey such as “maybe she just took it and didn’t leave anything.” I did my best to assure her that it was probably just a busy time of year, or maybe she had trouble finding it (look how hard we had to look!). She seems okay with trying again tonight.

Who said being a parent was easy?