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“Christian” movies

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I am a few days behind on this one, but I have heard some talk recently about the new movie “The End of the Spear,” which relates the story of Nate Saint and his attempt to bring the Gospel to a (then) vicious tribe in Ecuador. What was astounding news to me was the fact that the Chad Allen was chosen as the actor to portray Saint. If you are not already aware, Chad Allen declared in October 2001 that he was gay, and apparently supports organizations such as Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and AIDS Project Arizona, and also provides advice and assistance on his web site for children struggling with their sexuality.

I will not hesitate to admit that I enjoy movies. I own National Treasure, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Gladiator among others. I recently watched the Island and will purchase it in the near future. I daresay that many of the major actors in these movies have serious moral issues. The most notable fom the movies listed above is probably Ian McKellen (Gandalf in Lord of the Rings), who is a homosexual. In one of Timothy’s current favorites, Finding Nemo, the lovable air-headed Dory in Finding Nemo is given life by the voice of Ellen Degeneres, another prominent homosexual.

Perhaps another post will address our directive to fulfill the cultural mandate, and talents, and entertainment in modern society. But for now, I will simply provide a few links of interest on the topic of casting a devout homosexual in a “Christian” film:

From Phillip Johnson:

It disturbs me that even while they are ratcheting up their ongoing campaign against everything righteous, Hollywood moguls want to exploit evangelicals. It disturbs me even more that so many evangelicals seem blithely willing—almost eager, in fact—to be exploited.

From Sharper Iron:

I have no great visions that we will ever transform this decadent society. However, I am not a pessimist who simply thinks the world is already going to hell in a hand basket and thus will sit and watch it burn. I care about people. I care about my kids. I care about my church. I care about the Gospel. I care about upholding the Word of God. Therefore, I cannot sit by and watch the evangelical left take one more bite out of Christian conviction.

And finally, from Tribalog:

Question: Can someone affirm both of these statements at the same time?
1) Homosexuality is an abomination to God
2) Homosexual [actors] are acceptable in Christian films


Apology to commenters!

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It would appear that I still have a bit to learn about my blogging package. I have received numerous comments, but neglected to “approve” them, so they went unposted. I apologize! I think I have the issue resolved, and all comments have been posted.

Thanks for all the feedback! I need to work through some more issues with the “TypeKey” login, since there is a problem there. And I plan to reply to most of the comments, but have not had opportunity yet.


The study

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I have huge plans for the office in our house. We have been here for almost two years now, and I have done nothing to the room except add clutter. But I have plans. Big plans.

The office will be an 18th century study or cigar room. One wall will be bookcases, and one of the bookcases will swing out to reveal another small storage area. The windows and french doors will have elegant coverings of deep red drapes. The walls above the wainscoat will be covered in period paper or fabric. The floor will be hardwood or bamboo. Near the windows there will be two antique-looking sitting chairs and a small table with a chess board on it. I will probably place a bowl of pipe tobacco on one of the shelves for fragrance. The computer will be hidden from view when not in use, and the desk will be full of hidden compartments.

But that has been the plan for almost two years, and the books and papers just continue to stack up. So in an effort to at least organize the mess until I can accomplish these plans, I purchased three of those cheap pressboard bookcases. And you know, they have made a huge difference. They do not look too bad, either. And we are no longer embarrassed that visitors may see the office study.


Cheesy Mouse

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Timothy and the mouseTami, Lindsey, and Isaiah have flown back to Ohio for a few days, so it is just Timothy and I here. We had some great friends watch Timothy yesterday and today while I worked, and I have taken Friday and Monday off to play.

Tonight we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s as a treat for Timothy. He has been talking about it all day, and it was the first thing he asked about when I picked him up after work. This is not my favorite place, but he loves it. Besides, Timothy is not into quiet steakhouses yet. Maybe next year.

We had a blast. From the hotdog and fries, to bopping groundhogs, to punching ducks and riding in a Bob the Builder truck, he wore himself out. At the end of the night, he redeemed his tickets for a squishy rubber frog, a dozen plastic bugs, and a roll of Smarties (he said he wants to share the Smarties with Lindsey when she gets back). He also got to hug the Mouse, which was a big deal.

All I got was this lousy picture. And some very, very special time with my son.



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I have been hooked on balloons lately. We saw a man making hats for some children the other night, and he inspired me to pick up the pump again and see what I could do.

I have tried my hand at balloon animals in the past, and was not too excited with the basic “dog” that is so common. I did some searching, though, and found some great instructions. Here is a list of my “secret links.”

So I have been making some more advanced creations such as a motorcycle, character faces, and some of my own experiments.

I know it is a fad, but it is one that I hope I can use for our kids and the kids at church over time. There is always more to learn!


33 years

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You celebrate a birthday today. I have only known you for about 15 years, but treasure the memory of every one of them. Even the second year, the year you dumped me. But you said “yes” a year later and we were married a year after that. How fortunate for me!

Memories of the five PK (pre-kid) years are a bit of a blur, but the spur-of-the-moment trips to Seattle, the coast, and back East will not be forgotten. Each year the time seems to pass more quickly. We are certainly not getting any younger, but we sure are having a lot more fun.

Your patience with the children is an example to me. Your patience with me is even more humbling! Thank you for being a wife I can “safely trust in.” I trust that the Lord will give us another 60 or more years together, and that you can put up with me for that much longer.

I love you, Tami! Happy birthday!


Danger, Will Robinson!

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Program-a-BotTimothy’s shadow lately has been this really cool little robot called a “Program-a-Bot.” He carries it around with him, plays with it, and even sleeps with it. It is a programmable robot that can walk forwards and backwards, turn, and even dance! It can be programmed with over 30 command steps, or will respond to sounds. It avoids collisions with walls or anything else it can see, and even accepts commands from its little wind-up companion robot!

Another cool Christmas gift from Grammy and Grampy.