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The hat

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Isaiah and the hatGiving and receiving gifts at Christmas is really a lot of fun, and when you can find the perfect gift for someone, it is really special. But when a gift is hand-made with a specific person in mind, it is even more special. Grammy has always been so good with making wonderful gifts, and this year was no exception. Timothy received a fleece jacket with a hood, and Isaiah got a great little “jester” hat with bells on it.

Thank you, Grammy!


Having a blast

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One of the gifts Timothy received for Christmas this year was a cannon. Yes, I know it is certainly questionable as to whether a four year old boy should posses a device that could dismember small animals, but trust me when I say it really is okay.

Big Bang CannonTimothy’s Great Grandpa had a Big Bang Cannon when he was a boy, and remembered it well. I see now why he remembered it. We (read that as “I“) played with it a little on Christmas day, and it is rather impressive! It is just over two feet long, black with red wheels, and looks just like an old Civil War cannon.

The science behind it is rather basic, but not what you might expect. Generally a cannon or “explosive noisemaker” achieves its loud report from the burning of black powder or gunpowder. But this nifty neighbor-irritator uses water (!) and calcium carbide. Calcium carbide, when mixed with water, produces acetylene gas, which is highly explosive. Add a little spark and a small chamber, and you will get a blast of flame about a foot long, and a seriously loud boom.

And yes, there is a trend here. This gift follows the same vein as the “birth” gift Timothy received from my parents: a Ruger Bearcat.


Blogging again

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A couple of years ago I built and began using my own blogging application. It worked quite well, and we were able to capture a lot about our lives during the time it was active. I still have all of the posts, and enjoy looking back over them, remembering things the kids did or said, or places we went.

Since that time, blogging has become a staple of the internet. One of the results of this is the availability of blogging packages that include features I had never dreamed could be had. One of these packages is Movable Type from Six Apart, and I have been involved in building a couple of sites so far using this tool. I am using a default “out of the box” installation of this package right now for this site, but hope to update the appearance in the near future, after I complete the numerous other sites that need completing.

One of my fears about the whole blogging thing is that there may be those who think folks blog because they have such inflated views of themselves that they want others to see their wisdom and wit. That could not be further from the truth here, and if you are looking for either, you probably will not find them. This blog is, primarily and selfishly, for our own benefit. It is our journal about our lives, made available simply to share some of the joys and struggles with the few out there who we care about. If you are reading this, you are likely one of those few.

If you are so inclined, please check back now and then. I am honored that you have stopped by, and hope that you can find something that will make you smile, think, or be thankful.